Monday, September 1, 2008


Latest belly shots below. We've had a busy weekend, although it wasn't all that productive.

On Friday, we opened the front door to 4 matching packages! They were 4, yes 4, of the bouncy chairs we had on our registry. We registered for 2 of them and both my brother and SIL, and B's sisters ordered 2 on the same day! We decided to keep two and take two back for store credit. If Apple and Banana like the chairs, we thought we'd go back after they're born and buy two more so that we have two upstairs and two downstairs. My brother and SIL also gave us a swing to use. The baby gear is slowly starting to appear in the house!

Friday night we had two fantasy football drafts going on at the same time (one with family, one with friends). It was a little crazy with 8 guys sitting at the dining room table dealing with their draft and B running back and forth between the dining room and the kitchen where I was sitting with the other computer to consult on picks for the family draft. But we managed. And we were pleasantly surprised with our wireless high speed internet capabilities since we had 8 computers hooked up at once. We've never had more than 3 in the house at a time and so didn't really know if it could handle a lot more.

Saturday was my mommy-to-be pampering day. I got a haircut and a prenatal massage and it was pure bliss. I feel much freer now with most of my hair chopped off and the massage was great. She started me on one side, with towels propped under my belly for support and a foam block to rest the top leg on. She worked on my back, neck, shoulders, hips and then I flipped over to the other side for more of the same. Then she had me on my back (with a towel under one hip) and worked on my feet and legs. She kind of grabbed each leg and moved it around the loosen up the hip joint. Then she moved on to the hands and arms and finally to the neck and scalp. Ahhh. Wish I could do that every weekend.

On Sunday, we tried to shop for gliders again, but all three stores we tried were either closed for the day, for the holiday, or for good. Looks like we have to wait until next weekend. Sunday night we met some friends for a gluttonous 3-hour fondue meal. I'm still drooling and thinking about the dessert course...

On Thursday, I hit 20 weeks, the half way mark for a full term singleton pregnancy. Given that twins usually come early (I think I read average is 36 weeks), I'm more than halfway there. Yippee!

I continue to feel more and more like time is slipping through my fingers and I can't seem to get much done. We did get an estimate from a painter last week to paint the nursery, our bedroom, and the dining room, which we've been meaning to do for awhile. Now we have a couple of weeks to finalize our paint choices before he starts. We are definitely going with solid walls for the nursery, but not sure if we've decided which colors on which walls and what to do with the ceiling. I'm still leaning towards the green on opposing walls, yellow on opposing walls, and blue on the ceiling, but I'm having trouble picturing it. I'm actually really looking forward to getting our bedroom painted. It has a tray ceiling and some architectural details that a good paint job could really show off. The room has felt unfinished to me since we moved in and I'm anxious to see if my vision looks as good in person as it does in my head.

If I end up delivering at 36 weeks, that puts us at mid-December (3 1/2 months from now). Doesn't seem like much time to get all of our to-do list done. I'm definitely starting to tire more easily. One trip out for the day and I really slow down. It doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping well. I still wake up about every two hours from a throbbing hip and the extra strength tyl.enol doesn't seem to do much. I gave in and took bena.dryl last night. Usually if I need a little allergy help or some extra help sleeping, I'll take a half because a full one just knocks me out. I took a full one before bed last night and it definitely still drugged me up, but I managed to still wake up, notice a throbbing hip, and roll over to the other side every couple of hours. I think I was able to fall back asleep faster though, so it did help a little. I just can't take it every night because it makes me SO groggy in the morning.

On the plus side, I'm feeling Apple and/or Banana move on a daily basis now. Usually if I sit down in a reclining position, one or both of them will start squirming around. I can't tell the difference between them yet and because Banana was so active at our last scan, I keep assuming it's him moving around. But I'm sure it is both of them. It is really weird when it happens when I'm around other people because I get so distracted and can't focus on anything else but what's going on in there. I try to picture what they are doing. Was that a foot? An elbow? A stretch? It is so incredibly cool, but I completely lose track of what is going on around me!

Even with all of this going on, I am still surprised when I see myself in the mirror. My god, I'm PREGNANT! It still seems weird to me and I'm not sure it will ever seem natural. Does it look like there's a basketball in my belly?


Rhonda said...

not much to say, just letting you know i am here, readin' away.

i love the belly pix!

where did you guys register?

s.e. said...

You may have something bigger than a basket ball in there but you are oohh so cute and definitely pregnant. I wish you more sleep, less anxiety about getting things done and a beautiful painted nursery.

Per your comment, I get a fertilization report tomorrow and will update.

Antigone said...

You do look pregnant! I'm finally getting a proper belly as well. I'm loving it.

MamaSoon said...

Nice belly shot! Glad things are doing well.

PJ said...

WOW! Those belly shots are amazing! Only 20 weeks?

And feeling them move, that must be incredible!

chicklet said...

Saying this in the kindest way possible - you're belly's so big and cute!

Pink-CJ said...

WOW! Big belly! :) Sounds like things are going well. I love the pictures!!

I want crown molding in our living and bedroom before painting. Yes, we are a little more than halfway done!

Jen said...

You're so big! And I mean that in a good way!

I am so jealous of you having the perfect belly. MIne is still not there...

nancy said...

Woohoo! Your belly is so awesome.

You know, I thought about you Friday night and your fantasy football draft. I'm surprised you are doing it since you'll be delivering those twins before the season is over. But how did you do since you had to go last??

I'm glad you enjoyed your prenatal massage. As I've said before, I get one every two weeks and this week was the first one I couldn't lay flat on my belly. Well, he had the freaking COOLEST body support pillow thing. It's an adjustable support that gets wider to allow your belly to free-float and even a place for your boobs. It was SO COMFORTABLE!!! OMG. I asked him if I could buy one just to sleep with it at home and he said they cost $600-700!!! Ack. But holy moly, it may just be worth it - it'll save my hips and shoulder for 20 whole weeks! Actually, I'm going to go search for a used one right now. Bliss.

I hate our glider. I got a cheap one with the first baby and it's all I've had. I hate it. But now I don't know if I want to spend money on a nice one now that I only have one baby left. Ugh. Maybe I'll ask my inlaws for one for xmas. Hrm, an idea!

So, now that you are pregnant, do you LOVE it? I freaking love my belly and I love being pregnant. I'm still on the small side, as I like it when I'm about your size - before it gets uncomfortable. I was just telling Tom I would love to be a surrogate - just to be pregnant all the time (without having to have a newborn!)

Oh, I wanted to say, don't you go getting used to thinking you'll deliver at 36 weeks. Although that's normal, going full term or close to is also normal. My super good friend had twins and her water broke when she was almost 39 weeks! :) But you are so tiny, I bet you will go earlier.

Hey - have you thought of names yet? I think you said you did but wouldn't tell. Is that right?

(oh - also, I totally want an invite to your D's Belly blog. I know it's not for our consumption, but I so love belly pictures and everytime I see it in your profile, I'm jealous!)

annacyclopedia said...

You're right - Palin is a boring speaker. And profoundly unlikeable if you ask me - she seems like she's in high school, with her snide little digs. Lame.

And your belly looks FAB!

Gibson Twins said...

i did every 4 weeks til week 28 then every 2 til 35 (but delivered 1 day before that appt!). i am soooo jealous at how often you guys get that reassurance from the appointments! that is wonderful!