Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mid-Week Rambling Update

Tomorrow is my last day working from home.  It has been a quiet, but productive week so far.  I'm finding that I can get a lot done in a shorter period of time because I don't have the constant interruptions of people stopping by my office.  The best part has been not having to commute and not having to get ready to go to work.  My drive really isn't all that bad as far as commutes go, but it has been nice to not have to deal with the stress of traffic.  I know it sounds weird, but the movement of turning, hitting bumps, and accelerating or stopping in the car is uncomfortable for me.  My abdomen is just sore in general and after sitting in my office chair all day, driving home just sucks. And even though my drive is only 30 minutes each way (if I leave at the right times), that is an extra hour I've been able to make use of while at home this week.

Plus, the weather has been so nice here this week that I've been able to work outside on the deck for chunks of time (before I get too hot). I love our wireless internet. I do miss the social interaction I get at work. It isn't the same communicating only through email and phone calls. And it is weird being in the house all day (other than my daily excursion to the mailbox).

Our office closes a bit early on Friday for the holiday weekend and then we have a bunch of B's friends coming over for their fantasy football draft. It happens to coincide with my family fantasy football draft, so it might be a bit crazy here Friday night. And I might be screaming at the computer given that I'm LAST in the draft order two years in a row. Oh, the injustice!

I'm really looking forward to Saturday and my haircut and massage. I'm actually proud of myself for not just taking the kitchen shears and cutting of my hair myself. It has been bugging me that much.

Since my appointment on Monday, I've been trying to cut down on sugar intake. I think it made me a little paranoid that there was sugar in my urine because I thought GD wasn't supposed to happen until later in pregnancy. But maybe like everything else, it can happen sooner with two babies in there. Once I started thinking about it, I realized I was eating and drinking A LOT of sugar. Not that it has all been bad sugar, but sugar nonetheless. I've been eating a TON of fruit this summer and drinking a lot of fruit juice. I'm always so thirsty that anytime I need to eat something I want it to be something juicy to quench my thirst. Plus the ice cream or milkshakes almost every single night probably didn't help. Sugar cereal too. Maybe I went a little nuts once I was able to finally eat (oops). I need to relax about it though because they won't be checking my urine again for 4 weeks.

I'm pretty sure I'm feeling Apple and Banana move now, but it is sporadic and doesn't seem to have any sort of pattern to it. There have been a couple of times where I would feel something and put my hand on my belly and I could swear I was feeling it for the outside too. So of course I would yell at B to come feel and then it would stop or he couldn't feel it. I think that part is just wishful thinking.


Rebecca said...

1. The pictures from your sonogram are must have the best tech in the world to get some of those images!
2. Yes, GD can occur earlier in twin sucks, but they may let you go a little longer before taking the 3 hour test. My doctor tried to prolong my "normal" eating habits as long as possible before diagnosing me with GD.
3. Yes, I got the EZ-2 Nurse Twin Pillow and I LOVE it! I just started using it yesterday for tandem nursing and it is so much easier than feeding them one after the other. It took me a little while to start to use it, but once my incision started to feel better and I could move more easily, it worked out. I really like it and it's been saving me time (i.e. getting me more sleep) in the meantime!
4. We put a big, huge recliner in the babies' room. I like to hold them on it and it's good for us to sleep on when the babies need our immediate attention time and time again, but we can't use the nursing pillow on it...too wide. So, I found myself on the floor last night...wasn't so bad!

Pink-CJ said...

Lucky you! I can't wait to feel my babies!! If I have sugar in my urnine I will be shocked b/c I rarely eat sugar since its seems to cause by headaches and migraines.

nancy said...

I ~hate~ working from home. I ended up on bedrest for the last 3 weeks of my first pregnancy and oy vey. It sucked. And then I'd work from home twice a week. With a baby. Yeah, not a good move on my part.

I actually haven't tried working from home without kids. Maybe that would work. :)

BB and MTB said...

So cool that you are feeling the babies moving around in there!! I think I feel something, but it's still a little early, I guess.

Have a great weekend!

Rhonda said...

all sounds great!
I heard from someone here at the office that he saw so many peeps at your house reminiscent (sp???) of old times as a result of the fantasy draft. Hope you did well!


Amanda said...

I hope the draft, the haircut, and the massage all went well!!

As far as feeling your little ones move, you probably were feeling them move from the outside. Mr. W was the only one that my little buggers wouldn't freeze up for. But now that we're a few weeks further along they're more active and my sister has had a chance to feel them. And if you're can see them moving which is as amazing as feeling them! :-) I'm so excited for you!