Sunday, August 3, 2008


This week I somewhat rejoined the world of the living like a normal person. On Thursday, I went to the Senior Open. Luckily it was a work event, so there was an air conditioned tent that I could retreat to when the 100 degree temps were too much to handle. I watched a little golf on the 17th and 18th holes and marveled at how in shape all of the "seniors" are. They were walking along, golfing in 100 degree weather and I'm panting just to walk from the air conditioned tent to the bathroom.

The event was at the Broad.moor hotel in Colorado Springs. I've stayed at the hotel a handful of times and it is just a beautiful place. Although I always forget that it's at the South end of the Springs and you have to drive through the Springs to get to it (if you're coming from Denver). To make matters worse, for an event like this they set up public parking in a field that was even further south of the hotel and to the east. They then bus you to the course in hot school buses. It took 30 minutes just to get from the parking lot to the course. Around 2:15pm I left the tent to head home. By the time I walked to the bus, rode to the parking lot, got in my car and drove home, it was 4:30pm and my bladder was about to burst. I was hot, sweaty and dirty, so I fixed the bladder issue and immediately took a cool shower. I was exhausted and sore, but it felt good to do something other than sit at home or go to work for a change.

On Friday I went to work and then Friday night we went to Red Rocks for Film on the Rocks. If you've never been to this outdoor amphitheater, you are missing something very special. We live very close and, having grown up here, I've been to many concerts and events at RR. Every summer they do a film series where you can go watch a movie under the stars. It is sort of like being at a drive in theater, but with much more ambiance and better acoustics. The movie Friday was Blade Runner, which I had never seen. I can't say for sure whether it was the movie itself, or if I was just incredibly uncomfortable sitting on the concrete and wood steps, but I found the movie a bit hard to follow. We ended up leaving early before it was over. But it was still nice to get out with some friends for a change.

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing all day. I was sore and exhausted from two days in a row of activity. I sure tire quickly these days!

Today, we completed our pre-registration online for the hospital and removed my belly button ring. Two things that didn't take very long, but made me feel productive because I could mark two things off our ever-expanding to-do list.

At our last ultrasound, the tech had a little trouble seeing from certain angles because the ring was getting in the way. Plus, my skin has started to stretch and the doctor mentioned that it could crack and get infected if I don't remove it (eeewwww). The ring came out fairly easily once we did a little consulting with Dr. Goog.le. It has been in for 14 years and I haven't taken it out since the day it was put in, so I had no idea how it was supposed to come apart. Now that it's out, it is so incredibly strange to look down and not see the ring there. I feel like a piece of me is missing (my youth?). That ring has been with me longer than I've known B and longer than I've ever lived in one place (for unbroken periods of time). It came out fully intact also so I can always put it back in later on if the notion strikes.

Now for the main attraction (of the circus, that is). Here are the latest belly pix taken yesterday at 16w2d. I also have some news to share, but that will have to wait for another post after I get some pictures loaded.


Christi said...

Hey! can't believe we were both at red rocks on friday! we left early too, I was uncomfortable as well... I didn't see you though!

Io said...

The events sound like fun, but like they'd be exhausting for somebody who wasn't pregnant. I'm sure it was nice to sit and do nothing yesterday.
Fourteen years and you've never taken out your belly button ring? That's wild.

Rebecca said...

Everything sounds made me laugh when you marveled at the seniors who were walking around without incident...I feel like a geriatric, so I too marvel at everyone! Take advantage of your ability to walk around while you still have gets more difficult!

Wait until you see what your belly does to that belly button ring hole...ridiculous...mine just looks like a huge bruise in the middle of my belly! Take care of yourself!

Jen said...

You are looking so fabulous! I'm jealous of your belly. I am just starting to look fatter than normal!

And I can't wait for you to share the news!

Rhonda said...

I thought of you so much being at the Senior Open - sorry I could not attend and help you bear the heat...

WOW - such a big step removing the belly button ring - how crazy...I would have never thought about that!

I am anxious for this other news - I shall be checking more frequently!


Amanda said...

glad to hear you got out and about. I hope you weren't in the vicinity when the black bear galloped across the golf course. that looked scary.