Monday, September 22, 2008

24 Week Update

Doctor's appointment today went well. The following info will probably be really boring for a lot of you, but I want to continue to document the details for myself.
  • Apple (girl) now weighs 1 pound 4 ounces and is measuring around 23w1d.  She is still head down and was pretty calm again today, her heart rate at 130.  We were told this is typical of Baby A because they are lower and have less room to move around.
  • Banana (boy) now weighs 1 pound 3 ounces and is measuring around 23w3d.  At the beginning of the scan, he was also head down, but by the end had flipped all the way around and was breach, with his butt bumping up against Apple's face again.  He was squirmy and really active again, his heart rate at 148.  I suspect that is one of his body parts bumping up against my sternum tonight making it difficult to breathe.
  • Since I'm at 23w4d today, they are happy with where both babies are measuring which is on track even for singletons.
  • Both placentas still look good and both babies have normal amounts of fluid.
  • My cervix is holding nice and long at 6.
  • My blood pressure is still low at 124/64.
  • My belly is measuring about 27.5 or 28cm now.
  • No sugar in my urine or any sign of infection.
I now go in to see the OB every 2 weeks, but continue on the every 4 week schedule for ultrasounds.  At my next OB appointment in 2 weeks, they'll do the glucose screen (drink icky syrupy liquid and get blood drawn an hour later).  If I pass the screen, I'm in the clear for gestational diabetes.  If not, they'll have me do the big scary glucose tolerance test at the next appointment (fast, drink much more icky syrupy liquid and get blood drawn one, two and three hours later).  If that comes back with bad results, it's off to the dietitian.  Hopefully I'll pass the screen with flying colors and be able to mark that milestone off the list.

The OB we met with today mentioned that she prefers that all of her twin patients get epidurals even if attempting a vaginal delivery.  Her reasoning was that if they end up having to do an emergency c-section (usually because baby B isn't cooperating), you are all ready for it and they shouldn't have to knock you out for the c-section.  If I was on the fence at all (which I kind of was) about wanting to try natural versus getting an epidural, I think she may have just nudged me to one side and convinced me to get one.

The doc confirmed that I should get a flu shot (in case any of you were wondering).  She also confirmed that taking Tyl.enol pm EVERY single night is not a problem.  This is a good thing because it has really been helping.  Even just taking half the normal adult dosage is working for me.  I will also stay on the baby aspirin even through delivery as she said the dosage is too low to affect clotting, etc. during delivery.

So, the only real issue I seem to have now are the contractions/cramps I've been having.  They aren't real contractions because they are fairly localized (not the entire abdomen) and sometimes just brought on by the babies moving around.  But they are still disconcerting.  Half the time it will be just on one side.  I'll notice the muscle tightening and look down and my belly is all lopsided and rock hard on one side.  Freaky.  The doc did caution me that if I start noticing a pattern to them or if I notice more than 4 in an hour, to call them.

We also talked about the ECP (evil crotch pain) and back pain and she said if massage doesn't help, we can always try physical therapy.  She also mentioned that I might want to start thinking about cutting back my hours at work soon.  Given what is going on at work right now, I think I'll likely wait for a couple of weeks and see how I do.  I think my first step would be to approach my boss about working from home in the afternoons (maybe after 2pm each day).  We'll see.

So all is well on the baby front.  We did get some more ultrasound pictures today, but I'm too exhausted to hook my laptop up to the scanner right now, so I'll try to scan and post them later in the week.  Sorry to be a tease, but seriously, the scanner is like 10 feet away and my butt is PLANTED on the couch!


BB and MTB said...

Oh, it seems like eveything is going great! Congrats on Apple and Banana being such overachievers!

PJ said...

That's a GREAT report! Yay!

It seems like just yesterday that you were dealing with infertility. My how things change.

Meg said...

Wow, the babies sound so comfy and the expense of your comfort of course. And who knew a anorexic lining could result in a cervix of steel!

Cutting back hours soon and laying low sound like a good mix to me!

Pink-CJ said...

oooooo!! Everything sounds good! I feel yal on the back pain, I go in today and I will talk to my doc about it. I am not sleeping well. Babies kick all the time too! I must be carrying 2lbs in my stomach now. Its so heavy.
I want to start cutting back driving into work also and work from home. Maybe I can get my Dr. to write me a note.

Jennifer said...

Everything seems to be going just beautifully with your little ones...that's such great news!

Tylonol PM has been my savior's the only thing that helps me get sleep at night, otherwise I'm a walking zombie!

I didn't realize you could get a flu shot while pregnant...I thought my OB said not until baby is born, but I could be wrong!

Rebecca said...

Everything sounds great! I had the ECP too and I still have it on really bad days with the twins. It lingers! So glad to hear that you're planted on the couch...stay that way!

Rhonda said...

glad to hear about such a positive OB visit!
hope you are doing well.

Io said...

I'm glad everything is going so well! Banana better get his butt out of his sister's face though - she probably won't stand for it once they're born and she's able to get back at him.

s.e. said...

Good news! I am so interested in your twin pregnancy and love that you post details. I did the big scary glucose tolerance test as part of my IF work up. It may be scary waiting for the results but the actual test is not bad.

And massage for ECP? Maybe your hubby can help?!

Shinejil said...

I hope massage banishes ECP!

You know, I always wanted everything all natural when it came to birth and pregnancy, but when it comes to twins, you're really right to go with what your doc suggests. Better to make decisions now than in the delivery room.

Jen said...

Sounds like everything is going well! Yay!