Saturday, September 6, 2008

In Which I Complain Some More

Just when I think I'm getting used to my new reality, something new pops up. Yesterday the pelvic pain started. I have nothing to compare it to. It is connected to my hips, but now the pain is around my whole pelvis. The tyl.enol pm is helping me sleep, but I'm starting to move slower now because of this new development. Getting in and out of the car is more difficult. Stairs are more difficult. Getting my legs in and out of pants is more difficult.

I bought a couple of new maternity pants for work last weekend, but of course they need to be shortened (even the short length is too long). I took them to get altered today which meant having to put each pair on to get the pinned. It seemed like it took forever. The other frustrating thing is that I swear they are starting to feel tight already. I bought them A WEEK AGO for fuck's sake. I/the babies must have had a growth spurt this week. That explains the new pain and tight clothes. I seriously don't have the energy to keep buying new clothes every other week. This is ridiculous.

On the plus side, I think we've decided on a glider. No stores around us have this particular one in stock, but they have similar ones from the same brand and they seem comfortable and not too deep (important to short girls who want to be able to reach the floor). It seems like it should be wide enough to cuddle with two babies and has all the bells and whistles I want (swivel, glider, recliner, gliding ottoman with nursing foot rest). So we need to order it. It is pricey, but if it lasts as long as it's supposed to, it will be worth it.

I also ordered a twin nursing pillow this week, but it hasn't come yet. Hopefully I'll get a lot of use out of it.

I can feel Apple and Banana moving each and every day now. They tend to move around more right after I eat. Sometimes I giggle when I feel them moving because it is just so strange! I love it! I'm guessing this will be the one thing I miss about being pregnant after they're born.

That's all for now. New belly pic tomorrow if I can get my pelvis off the couch.

*Edited to Add:*

Just found this link talking about pelvic pain in pregnancy. This does a much better job of describing it:

"The symptoms of SPD vary from person to person, but almost all women who have it experience substantial pubic pain. Tenderness and pain down low in the front is common, but often this pain feels as if it's inside. The pubic area is generally very tender to the touch; many moms find it painful when the doctor or midwife pushes down on the pubic bone while measuring the uterus (fundal height).

Any activity that involves lifting one leg at a time or parting the legs tends to be particularly painful. Lifting the leg to put on clothes, getting out of a car, bending over, sitting down or getting up, walking up stairs, standing on one leg, lifting heavy objects, and walking in general tend to be difficult at times. Many women report that moving or turning over in bed is especially excruciating."


Ms. J said...

Hi there - just a late comment to say that your belly photo is beautiful!

Sorry that I am behind on lots of things (esp. commenting on others blogs) lately . . . it's enough of a struggle to document Lil Pumpkin's own milestones as they happen (and before I forget).

I'm around though, and will be unfortunately going back to work full-time ina few weeks, which means I should, strangely enough, have more time to read other's blogs (since I will be away from Lil Pumpkin). LMAO at this strange thought!


Amanda said...

I feel your pain. Well, not yours literally, but I feel the same stuff. OUCH! Mr. W has helped me put on my pants a couple of times because he caught me trying to get dressed and thought I looked pitiful. Hahaha!

Io said...

Yikes - is the pelvic pain going to last the rest of the pregnancy? I hope your pelvic pain miraculously goes away. (Hmm, how many times have I gotten to say that during my life?)

BB and MTB said...

Ouch!!!! This does not sound like fun....

Spicy Sister said...

oh Denise! I am so sorry! That sounds just awful!!! Is there anything that would help? One of those belly support bands or something? (I just got one of those in hopes it will help with some of the weird pains I am having)

On the other hand - you are the queen of preparedness and purchasing!!! You know this means those little ones will stay put as long as possible, because you are so prepared ahead of time. (Both of which are good things!)

I am heading to the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale in Broomfield this weekend - were you going to check it out?

Can you believe how far we are already? Wow!!!