Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What's Next?

Pelvic pain, I wanna quit you.

I feel bruised all the time from my tailbone to my pubic bone with the hips in between. Was I in a car accident that I don't remember? Depending on the chair I sit in, chairs can either be fine, or really, really uncomfortable. Standing up after sitting for awhile is painful. Walking is getting harder. I'm starting to feel a little ridiculous. Is it really supposed to be like this at 22 weeks? I remember reading in the multiples books that you should expect to stop working at 24 weeks and I thought that was ridiculous! Now, I get it. Unfortunately, I don't think I can do that.

The latest development is a work issue. My immediate boss quit this week and I've been asked to take on his responsibilities "in the interim." Meaning that they might look for outside talent to bring in above me unless I prove in the next month or so that I can handle the position. It is a great opportunity, but talk about bad timing. While I'm confident I can handle the job, it seems that I HAVE to be in the office to prove it. I hate writing here about work because I'm always worried someone will find my blog. Not that I ever say anything bad about it, but it just makes me nervous. But this is really a big issue for me now and I'm worried my body isn't going to hold out physically long enough for me to prove myself in this new position. I've already been in significantly more pain this week than I was last week.

I keep trying to tell myself that all the pelvic pain is a good sign. It means my body is doing what it is supposed to do with all the joints relaxing, right? But the purpose of this is to prepare for birth and I really don't need that to happen for quite awhile (please).

On top of all the changes at work, we have a week long global conference next week where all of the folks from our department around the world will be in town. Pretty much every second of the week is scheduled out for some type of meeting or discussion, so it's going to be exhausting. The only light at the end of the tunnel is that we go up to Vail Wednesday afternoon, stay in a nice resort for the rest of the meetings, and I will be getting another massage on Friday morning at the resort. Yay! I keep thinking about that massage and just hoping I don't collapse from exhaustion before then.

We did order a glider yesterday, so that is a big relief to have another big ticket item out of the way. We also had a meeting with our first pediatrician candidate tonight. We really liked him and he had all the right answers to my questions. We have one other practice picked out to meet with before we make our decision. The other one is really close to the house (5 minutes instead of 15), so if we like that one just as much, we'll probably go with the closer practice for the sake of convenience.

My twin nursing pillow came Monday and hopefully my pren.atal cr.adle will show up by Friday. I hope it fits because I really need to start using it now. Oh, and I had lunch with a woman at work who is a twin, and her twin sister had twins. The woman has a 3 year old herself and has used a nanny since her kid was born. Got some good information from her about nannies, being a working mom specifically at our company, and about raising twins. None of it was earth shattering, but just encouraging.

So we still have two major decisions to take care of. First, finding a doula. Second, deciding on the daycare versus nanny issue. I think I'll feel better after those things are decided.

Two more days until this work week is over. I have never appreciated weekends so much in my life!


Amanda said...'re going to have to fill me in on the work updates. Hadn't heard anything. Must know. I've been overwhelmed with getting through 9/15. Every one of my projects is going to be last minute. I swear. Plus, my sis' last week here before she heads to IA for a week and then onto her clinical in LA. By the way, I'll be in town the 21st and 22nd, but sounds like you're going to be tied up with work. If it works out, maybe we could grab a non alcoholic drink or something. :)

Spicy Sister said...

oh Denise, I feel for you. I hope you find some relief somehow soon. It sounds like this is going to be such a big month ahead!

I have no advice at all except to take extra good and gentle care of yourself. Oh, and maybe a chiropractor could help?

Do you have a doula in mind? A new store opening in Cherry Creek, Belly Bliss, is having a "Meet the Doulas" night near the end of this month. Might be a good way to meet several doulas at once? Their website is Look under their schedule of classes.

Wishes for pain relief to you!

body mind soul said...

congratulations! you are 21 weeks pregnant. its such a good feeling for me to come by your blog after so long and found out that you succeeded. And twins!! :)

Your success gives me hope too.

I am going for my IVF next month after a break from the last one.

You take care and YEAH! congrats again!

Pink-CJ said...

Aww man.. A promotion maybe? and your pregnant? That has to be hard. And the pain you are in..?? Good luck girlie. I wouldn't know what to do. You'll be fine though.

Christi said...

I'm sorry it's getting so difficult to get around. Take extra good care of yourself! enjoy that massage...

BB and MTB said...

Ugh! The pain sounds horrible!!! I hope it gets better soon.

And I hope that the work thing works out in your favor.

nancy said...

Real quick comment ...

That's called ECP (evil crotch pain) and it from your pelvic bone starting to move apart. It's burly. It goes away though (at birth).

paula said...

I am a constant reader, but rarely make comments. I have a friend who is an OB nurse and she says the pain you are having are the ligaments in your pelvis streatching and getting ready for birth (a good sign, really). One thing she says to help with the pain is a labor ball (a fancy name for an excercise ball) something about the position is comforting. I know that there are women who have to have morphine for the pain. I had some pain, but not too bad with my first, did not carry my second long enough to get big (28 weeks-I don't recommend it). I am so excited for you, I know trying to have a baby and a career is always a challenge!

HeidiM said...

Glad to hear you have a wonderful opportunity to work, it seems like they would understand given your pregnancy situation that you can't give 150% right now. They may be scared to lose you after the babies.

But pampering of all types is definitely in order! Anything you can do to make life easier -- maybe you can even get driven to work or go for massages at lunch time.

The ligament stretching sounds painful, I hope it doesn't last long.

Take care!!

Rhonda said...

i myself have been in the throws of the looming 9/15 deadline. I cannot wait for it. i heard earlier this week about the changes at the office and have been thinking about you. There are so many people at my work that think you are the best person for that role and I, myself, know that you (even with the babies) can do it! I understand your hesitation and concern as you face the new unknown, however.

WOW - i cannot believe how far ahead of things you are in your planning - while you may feel behind, I have never heard of someone more organized (maybe the only one is Kate of J&K+8...), so good for you!

I wish you well with the conference next week and cannot wait to see you again. talk soon,