Monday, November 19, 2007

Pre-Regroup & a Sweater

I'm getting a little nervous for our regroup tomorrow, so thought I'd make a list of questions for the doc.

1. What does he think the "irregularity" in my lining is and what caused it? Could it be a polyp? Could it be cancerous? Will it grow back after a D&C?
2. Why couldn't we see it on earlier ultrasounds?
3. Could we have predicted trouble with my lining thickening on the meds given earlier similar issues with the IUI meds?
4. What are the chances that the irregularity will resolve in its own and how long would it take?
5. Are there options other than the D&C?
6. If we decide to do the D&C, do we have to wait or can it be scheduled right away?
7. What are the risks of the D&C?
8. Is the D&C just a treatment, or can we use it to do more diagnostic testing?
9. Is the procedure done in the CCRM surgery center?
10. If insurance won't cover it at CCRM, can we do the D&C through our OB's office?
11. How long does the procedure take?
12. What is recovery time for the D&C?
13. What is the plan after the D&C? How long before we can start a new cycle?
14. Will the D&C increase our chances of conceiving (i.e. is it really like "cleaning out the cobwebs?")
15. What does the D&C cost (assuming insurance won't pay for it)?
16. What would you recommend we do differently for the next FET? Can we avoid Lupron? Can we add something to help the lining sooner?
17. Since we only have 2 FET's left in the shared risk program, would you recommend we thaw 9 out of the 18 frozen embies instead of 6 at a time?

So many questions (did I miss anything?)...we're going to get our money's worth out of this appointment. I'm sure the doctor won't have answers to a lot of these questions, but we have to ask, right?

This next thought has absolutely nothing to do with what we are going through, but it's been bugging me. We were at Costco last night and I was buying this super-soft sweater. The guy at the register commented on how soft it was and woman who was putting our stuff back in the cart reached over to pet the sweater as well. Then they kept going on and on about how soft the sweater was and the woman proceeded to comment on every other purchase we were making. Do they teach people who work retail to do this? I mean, if I wanted a commentary on what I'm purchasing, I'd be the one giving it. Good thing I wasn't buying anything embarrasing like depends undergarments or something! Regardless, that sweater is getting a good washing before I wear it.

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Jen said...

Those are all great questions. I know when I went for my regroup, I had made up a list of questions too! And they won't know much on shared risk. Or at least my doctor and the coordinator didn't know about shared risk and if I lose one fresh if we next go to a frozen, etc.
I hope you get some resolution today. And totally wash the sweater.