Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Nieces

Today is November 18, 2007. One year ago today, my niece, Ariel was born and passed away. I'm thinking of her and of my brother and sister-in-law today and hoping they have found some peace in the past year. I hesitated at first to post anything about this today as I didn't want to draw more attention to Ariel's memorial day, but I know she is never far from their thoughts. And I couldn't well post anything without mentioning it because she (and they) are in my thoughts.

Two weeks ago today, my niece Katie was born. I have yet to meet her, but I think of her often and I'm busy making her Hanukkah/Christmas gift so that hopefully it will be done in time to ship to Albuquerque. I think of her future and hope that she will love visiting our house and that B and I will be the "cool" Aunt and Uncle (within the ground rules set by her parents, of course).

We have a regroup appointment with the RE on Tuesday morning to discuss the D&C. I have many questions, but really just don't want to think about it too much until then (yeah right). Each morning when I go into the bathroom, I am confronted by the syringes, progesterone oil, and estrogen patches that I'm supposed to be well into by now. It seems ridiculous to want to take more shots, but I do because it would mean being one step closer to finally achieving our dream. I've decided that I am going to pack these supplies away into the box they came in and put them somewhere out of sight until I need them again. I'm tired of looking at them and wishing...

So that's what I will do today along with maybe cleaning out the pantry and grocery shopping for Thanksgiving (and throw in some football watching).

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