Saturday, July 12, 2008

Travel and Baby Gear Thoughts

I spent 4 days in Baltimore this week for training for work. I was pretty nervous going into it about how I would feel traveling and being away from home. All things considered, it went pretty well. I managed to eat more normally than I have in months and even stayed out late two nights in a row! I went to a baseball game Wednesday night and then met my friends A and W (ha-like the rootbeer!) out after dinner Thursday night. They drank and I had NA beer. First time I've been able to even be around alcohol due to the smell! I was really quite proud of myself for behaving like an almost normal person for a change. It was refreshing. Apple and Banana (as I have started calling the buns) must have enjoyed their first trip out of the state.

B was at home with the dogs all week and I don't think he thought it was fair that I was starting to feel normal again when I was away from him. After all, he's been dealing with the first trimester me and, let me tell you, she is no pleasure to be around. I think I'm starting to move into the second trimester me and she is much easier to handle. First trimester me will likely still make some appearances here and there, but hopefully she'll be kicked to the curb permanently soon! I'm still taking the zo.fran and will not try to wean off of it until I feel better more often than I feel bad. I need to be careful that I don't push myself now that I'm having chunks of time of feeling better. I wouldn't go so far as to call them spurts of energy yet!

My next appointment isn't until July 28th when I'll be 15w4d. They haven't scheduled an ultrasound, so I might call and beg for one. My doc told me at the last appointment that we should have no problem getting our insurance to pay for multiple ultrasounds with a twin pregnancy-there's always a reason to peek inside. If I can convince them to schedule an ultrasound and Apple and Banana cooperate, it would also be possible to find out the genders at the next appointment.

We are also starting to think about the baby registry and baby gear. There is a lot to think about, especially with twins and it all seems so overwhelming. There are so many options for everything that it almost makes it harder to figure out what you need. We have been starting with the big items. We think we have decided on the cribs and dresser/changing table. I think we've also decided on two pack'n plays because we didn't hear very positive opinions about the double one. We've settled on keeping Apple and Banana in one room versus separate bedrooms and we've decided which of the two bedrooms will be their nursery. Progress! We don't want to fully decide on decor and bedding until we know the genders.

The big thing we're struggling with is the stroller and car seats. There are two options we see here. The first is getting this snap'n go stroller. It is basically a bare bones stroller frame that you can strap an infant car seat into. They claim you can fit most major brand infant car seats, but in the store, none of them seemed very sturdy in it other than the car seats that are the same brand and made for this stroller. The big pro to this option is that it is really light compared to full strollers (much easier to get in and out of the car). If we go with this option, we will need to purchase a double stroller later when the babies are able to sit upright in a stroller as opposed to using their car seats.

The second option we are considering is this double travel system. It also takes two infant car seats (same brand only-but it is at least a popular brand we've heard of), but can also be used when the babies are able to sit upright in the stroller. It is much heavier than the first option, but we would be set (I think) on the stroller front for awhile. The other issue to consider is that there was a recall on some of these strollers and I'm not sure if this particular model was recalled or not. Have to look into that.

I think either way, we are stuck having to buy new car seats when the babies grow out of the infant seats because it doesn't seem like any of the travel systems take convertible car seats. Please enlighten me if I'm wrong!

So, we welcome and appreciate any advice as we begin the great stroller debate of 2008!

New belly picture to come soon. It's growing by the day!


s.e. said...

Oh, you sound so much better. I am glad you are starting the shopping process. I know it must be overwhelming but remember you have dreamt about this moment for a long time! I hope you can lock the first trimester you in the closet now!

BB and MTB said...

So glad to read that you are feeling better!!!! I am not taking Zofran and m/s is kicking my butt.

momofonefornow said...

I have no basis of comparison for double strollers but I will tell you this, go do your registry NOW!!!!! I was soooo entirely miserable when we did our registry. I don't care what the books say, do it sooner rather than later. It takes forever to register/ choose all of those tiny things and I was sore, and miserable the ENTIRE time (I was at about 8 months I think). Anyway, that is my major suggestion. And, if you are going with bottles (and they still have them) the Playtex VentAires were great for my son. They were a good price and they kept him from getting gassy when all of the other ones we tried left him with a tummy ache!

PJ said...

I'm still at that, "I'm not allowed to think that far ahead" phase. Mr. PJ asks about names and stuff all of the time, and I'm like ...shhh, you'll jinx us!

HOWEVER, I agree with s.e. in that you most DEFINITELY seem to feel better! So glad!

Your Apple and Banana widgits have really developed! Seems like yesterday you were writing about lining issues, and poof! Now it's car seats! :) Just, yay!

Gibson Twins said...

Denise, heres my 2 cents on the carseats/strollers.

We use the Graco duoglider and used it with 2 Graco snugride infant carseats (it is amazingly simple, I took them everywhere by myself and its not that much heavier than the Snap n Go). You will love the bucket carseats, its nice not having to wake babies to take them from car to house to stroller etc. I STILL miss those carseats! We switched to the convertible carseats around 8 months when they outgrew the infant ones (but they were so totally worth every penny!). The twins are 20 months old now and I can still use the Duoglider stroller if I take them to the mall, although if I have someone with me, I never use the stroller anymore.

We also bought single umbrella strollers at JCPenney for when we wanted to each take a baby and it was nice for the babies too.

We have 2 pack n plays at Grandmas and when they were littler (up to about 5 months), we put them both in the same pack n play becuase they loved being near eachother.

Glad you seem to be feeling better, now go enjoy yourself :)

Can't wait to check back in!

Seth & Jill said...

I wish I could be more supportive and provide some great wisdom, but for the last 4 days my mind has been haunted by the fact that you're 12 weeks pregnant, with twins, and STILL weigh less than me!!!!:)) Only kidding. So glad you're feeling better and back to your super productive & energetic self! I can't wait to see pictures of A&B's room once you decide on decor!

Sally said...

Wow. What a toughie. The Duoglider is great. You could also get a double where the seats recline fully, which makes it okay for infants. Though, then you can't just snap and go the car seats. The one thing I'd say is that babies only stay in an infant car seat for just a bit, so making the stroller decision based on the infant car seat may be a bit hasty since once they hit 20-30 lbs, they'll be in the convertible and you'll have to pick them up and move them into the stroller anyway.

Makingpeace said...

Hey Denise, I'm so happy for you! It's so neat to read about this exciting time of your life. I'm still hanging in there at 34 weeks, with a plan to be induced at 38 (praying I get there!). My one piece of advice to other twin moms-to-be is do everything early. Which it sounds like you're doing. Even little things can wear you out when you're in the third trimester and carrying more baby than most singleton moms. I get tired from the littlest household things, can't go shopping, etc. It's hard. As for the stroller debate, we obviously haven't used it yet but we went with the DuoGlide Graco, and its infant car seats. Best of luck to you as you make all these fun decisions!

Rhonda said...

I just got back from vacay and am trying to catch up. Until I get more time - I just wanted to say YIPPEE - your energy and your posts sound wonderful! I chuckled when I read "...A & W..." - it must have been great for you to go out for an evening (2, actually) and feel normal!

I will read up more later tonight. I will also inquire with my sister and her friend who had twins to get their thoughts on the stroller system. cannot wait to catch up!