Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm Sorry

I have become the world's worst blogger. Infrequent posting and all I can think to write about is pregnancy.  Blah, blah, blah.  I'm sure I still have a brain in there somewhere, right?

So here's the quick version of the update:
  • Still having bouts of bad nausea, but they are shorter and less frequent (yay!).
  • Which means I'm starting to feel better.
  • Thinking about trying to wean myself off the zo.fran, but afraid to do so.
  • Can't wait for the next ultrasound on Monday.
  • Is it Monday yet?
  • Got the doppler yesterday.  It is cheap and the instructions are laughable (this is a whole separate post that I'll try to get to this weekend).
  • Picked out cribs, but haven't ordered yet.
  • Starting to look into daycare, nanny, and doula options (thanks to Mom's help).
  • 15 weeks tomorrow.
  • Is it Monday yet?
  • Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary!
This is a bit belated, but below is the latest belly shot from last Sunday (14w3d).

Look at how the belly bulges over the panel in my maternity shorts.  No wonder they're not that comfortable.  I've been living in dresses the last couple of weeks.  Maybe I should invest in a couple of mumus.


PJ said...

I can't wait until Monday! :)

HeidiM said...

Happy Anniversary!!

It's not often someone is looking beyond the weekend to Monday. Funny how medical stuff changes perspectives. =)

Valerie said...


Ms. J said...

You look great! But I think you should invest in some comfy new pants and/or shorts - if you feel more comfy it can't help but spread lots of positive energy for you :o)

SO happy for you reaching this milestone (15 weeks, wow)!!!

Antigone said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hey, where did you get those shorts?

Lori said...

Muumuu is one of those word that makes me laugh.

Cute belly!

Happy anniversary!

Io said...

Happy anniversary! The beer baby gut is looking good!

RM said...

Have fun seeing your little ones on Monday!!

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to hear about the U/S on Monday...then you get to see those little suckers on the screen and know that they're really okay! It's so exciting! I don't know if this helps, but I've found that maternity clothes that have the panel that goes all the way up were much more comfortable for me...I hated when the cut in below my's my two cents, but may be worth a try! Keep up the good work!

Shinejil said...

Happy anniversary! I hope Monday makes it snappy!

I'm all for mumus, kaftans, hippy dresses... Just be comfy.

Jennifer said...

Monday couldn't come soon enought, I'm sure. Happy 4th Anniversary to you and DH!

Time to go shopping and buy some comfy clothing - you're gonna need'em for the next few growing months ahead! Yoga pants are my favorite.

Jen said...

You look great! And pregnant! I'm sooo jealous! Happy anniversary!

And what time is your appointment Monday? I realized I have mine at Swedish Monday afternoon not Tuesday!

A Decade of BFNs said...

Happy anniversary!!!

Great baby bump!!!