Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Things I'm Noticing

I no longer have a face. At least, no one seems to be able to look at it. When talking to people this week at work, I've been noticing a distinct difference in that they ALL stare at my belly while they're talking to me. It's a weird feeling for me because I've never been one of THOSE girls. You know, the ones whose boobs seem to attract the eyes of men like magnets? Sure, my boobs are nice (if I do say so myself) and they match the size of my 5' 1" frame, but they don't tend to attract that kind of attention. So I can't relate this experience to anything else. It is actually kind of nice because I don't really want anyone looking at my oily, teenage train wreck of a face right now!

The other thing I've been noticing is the different reactions you get when you tell people you are having twins. The question I usually get first is whether twins run in the family. When I say "no, they don't," many people ask if I had fertility treatments (or another variation of this, "did you take drugs?") or if they were conceived "naturally." I honestly don't mind when people ask this and I always tell them we did IVF, but it is just interesting to me that people feel comfortable asking this. It is something they would never think to ask if we were having a singleton. I've even gotten this question from total strangers.

I know it is pretty obvious from the last belly pix, but the belly has definitely been getting more attention at work this week. I was just commenting to my mom today about how I look like I'm 6 months pregnant already. Not 10 minutes later, I ran into a coworker who I hadn't seen in about 2 weeks.

Me: Hey, M! How are you?

M: Good. HOW ARE YOU? I don't think I've seen you in...ummm...(stares at belly)...about 6 months?

Me: Uh, yeah, it seems like that long doesn't it?

M: I guess congratulations are in order! (stares at belly some more)

Me: Thanks! We're really excited.

M: Is this your first? (still staring at belly)

Me: Yep. Our first TWO!

M: Wow! Do twins run in your family? (staring at my belly like it's about to talk back or something)

Me: Nope!

M: That's so cool! Congratulations! (still staring at belly)

M didn't actually ask about fertility treatments. I'm sure he was wondering.

On a slight change in topic, I gave in to the peer pressure (thanks Nancy and Spicy Sister!) and ordered a home doppler. I am looking forward to its arrival (in 5-11 days) and I hope I can maintain some sort of will power and not use it obsessively or freak out if I can't find both heartbeats. It's good to have goals, right? I did get one that you can record the heartbeats in the hope that I will be able to figure out how to post an audio file here. I'm sure Apple and Banana's future grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins would love to hear their little hearts swooshing away. I'm not making any promises, but we'll try. And if not, maybe it will be loud enough to hear over the phone!

At my last OB appointment, the doc said that we could do as many ultrasounds as we wanted to because insurance doesn't usually hassle you about paying for these with a twin pregnancy (i.e. there is always something to be concerned about at any stage, so you can always justify taking a peek). But when I went to make my next appointment, the woman would not schedule an ultrasound for me (after putting me on hold and checking with the doctor). It didn't make any sense.

So today, I gave in and called the nurse line. I told the nurse that I was concerned about my fibroid, that it hadn't been measured in a long time and I wanted to check it out on ultrasound to make sure it wasn't going to interfere with this pregnancy. Of course she had to discuss it with the doctor before giving me an answer. Five excruciating hours later, she called back and gave me the green light. The doc told her that with a twin pregnancy, she prefers to do ultrasound every 4 weeks and even though it has been more than 4 weeks since my last one (at 8.5 weeks), it is okay to wait until my next appointment (July 28th). Given that and with the fibroid (which the doc wanted to check out too), it is a no brainer. Not sure why the scheduler I spoke with to make this next appointment had such an issue with it, but I'm sure glad I called back!

So, we are scheduled for an ultrasound along with my next OB appointment in less than two weeks! The ultrasound will take a full hour (I guess there's a lot to look at with two). Hopefully Apple and Banana will cooperate and give us a peek at the goods (if it isn't too early to tell)!


Antigone said...

I wish you were at my clinic. They're a high-risk clinic and let all of their patients come in for u/s's at will. It doesn't really help allay any fears though.

I still can't get a heartbeat on my doppler.

s.e. said...

I am taking notes for when it is my turn. It never ever occurred to me that strangers may ask if IF treatments were used. I expect that from family and friends but I think beyond that I will need a sassy answer. I am glad you eventually got an u/s scheduled.

I will anxiously checking back for the blue or pink possibility!

PJ said...

I think those doppler's are awesome! I'd be wanting to check it every day, however!

So, when is your due date again? I know it's earlier with twins.

BB and MTB said...

Yay for the sono!!!!

And wow - look at that belly! (kidding)

Spicy Sister said...

ughhh...I have that "pregnancy acne" too - I can empathize!

Yay for the doppler!!! Don't worry about being obsessive at first - I would imagine it's very normal! If you figure out how to get it to record I would love to know, I can't figure that feature out on mine.

And good for you for being assertive and getting another u/s. I am excited to see pics and hear all about it. I don't get another one until the end of August....I am trying to be very patient. Sigh!!!

You sound in such good spirits, I can tell you are feeling much better, or at least I really hope you are!

Shinejil said...

Yes, we all need to think of some primo comebacks for the "natural" twins question.

"No, they weren't conceived naturally. I generated them in my basement lab with an erector set, an eggplant, and nail polish remover."

Time to start asking strangers if their hairline/boobs/etc are "natural."

So glad you're getting the u/s! It should be an on-demand service for women in your position!

And finally, thanks for the comment. So nice to hear from you!

Maria said...

OOOh, it would be so amazing if Apple and Banana showed you their bits!!

That kind of stinks that people are so noisy about you carrying twins. I don't understand why people have to know how they were conceived.

Melanie said...

I always think of the J-Lo "twins run in my family" comment. You have her to thank for the misinformation! So glad you're doing better.

Rhonda said...

I think that the pix look great and I cannot wait to see that belly in person! You have earned this - your belly and its contents are so cool!!! xoxoxo

Meg said...

Here is my two cents on the stroller/car seat purchase......

1. The snap and go is okay but VERY hard to navigate places like the DR office or stores. But if you need one to just throw their car seats in and go...then get one. They are great.

2. If you get the front and back stroller for most of your strolls and use when they are older.....I would also advise getting one that is side by side....just a cheapy one.....Seriously, when they sit side by side, they will look at each other, hold hands and just be so silly together...stuff you do not want to miss out on having them front and back. At 6 months I would catch the girls holding little hands ;)

3. For the car seats....try and stick with a really common brand. That way you can get SUPER cheap bases for all of your cars on craigslist. Like Graco......it is so worth it to have several bases.

s.e. said...

Wanted to share from your comment...just in case you found it interesting... my clinic did have my husband already on an antibiotic but changed it and gave him a different script. Sorry if that stumped you but I did learn a new text from you- CYA!

hoping for a child said...

i get the same reaction when i tell people it's twins. i say no, twins don't run in our family, they run in our fertility clinic. anyway, to answer your question...i eat everything and anything. i think that's how i manage to gain weight despite the vomiting. my latest craving is fettichini with alfredo sauce. i eat it every chance i can.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for your comment...I hope I'm not scaring you out of your mind for what could be about to come. It's nice to hear that another short girl is having twins...we can do it!

I was surprised to about how many people asked that undercover question, "do twins run in your family?" It doesn't take that much to realize what they're really asking, but oh well...people are curious. Then you get the people who have always wanted twins and are jealous...they're funny too!

Glad to hear that things are going well and can't wait to hear more!

HeidiM said...

Love the belly pics, it's growing fast!

Glad you're comfortable with telling people you know that you did IVF. People are super-nosey but in a way it's a good opportunity to get the subject out in the open and make people feel more comfortable talking about it. Strangers asking would wierd me out though.

I wonder if more men or women stare at your belly? I'd be tempted to stare back at theirs and have a full belly staredown conversation. =)

Also glad to hear you're feeling mostly better as your pregnancy progresses!

Pink-CJ said...

All I have to say is whoa!! I wish i had some sort of belly

Optimistic said...

yeah - i just love people's comments. I mostly get "are you sure your not having twins"... and one lady said to me "and those crazy women that go through fertility treatments".. i quickly said "well I guess I"m one of them, I did IVF".. she has avoided me since